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Black Mass (2015)

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Black Mass (2015)

Synopsis Black Mass (2015) :

In 1975, James “Whitey” Bulger (Johnny Depp), leader of the Irish-American Winter Hill Gang, controls almost all of organized crime within South Boston, along with his right-hand man Stephen Flemmi (Rory Cochrane), newcomer Kevin Weeks (Jesse Plemons), and cold and calculative hitman, Johnny Martorano (W. Earl Brown). Bulger’s hold over South Boston is challenged by the northern Angiulo Brothers, who head the Boston branch of the New England Mafia family.

An interesting opportunity arises with the return of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent John Connolly (Joel Edgerton) to South Boston; Connolly being a former native of the area and friend of Whitey and his brother, Massachusetts State Senate President William “Billy” Bulger (Benedict Cumberbatch). Connolly’s advancement within the FBI pressures him into attempting to find a way to go after the Angiulo Brothers, who are continuing to avoid police detection. Connolly tries to persuade Billy into getting Whitey to cooperate with the FBI, but Billy refuses him yet gives notice to Whitey. Whitey detests of the idea of becoming a “rat,” but when Connolly warns him that the FBI believes that the Angiulo Brothers are planning to kill him soon, he feels the pressure on himself as he wishes to protect both his wife, Lindsey (Dakota Johnson), and son, Douglas. After the Angiulo Brothers murder a member of the Winter Hill gang, Whitey decides to become an informant, much to Flemmi’s dismay.

Connolly’s control over Whitey is continually questioned by his boss, Charles McGuire (Kevin Bacon). However, he is also defended by his close co-worker, John Morris (David Harbour), who blindly follows Connolly’s plan. Tensions increase as Whitey ignores the FBI ban on criminal activity or murders, using Connolly’s “protection” as a cover for his crimes. He rapidly becomes unhinged when his son Douglas suddenly develops Reye syndrome after having a severe allergic reaction to aspirin. After being told that Douglas is brain-dead, Lindsey takes him off life support over Whitey’s furious objections. Their relationship breaks off afterward, just as Connolly begins demanding actual information on the Angiulos’ racketeering locations. Finally, Whitey is able to get pictures of their work hideouts, allowing the FBI to wiretap the Angiulos head-on.

Before McGuire can terminate the informant operation, the wiretaps pick up the Angiulos discussing their criminal activities. The FBI arrests them–unwittingly eliminating any opposition to Whitey’s criminal empire. Connolly, blinded by his old past and loyalty to Whitey, grows closer to him and the gang, even inviting them to his house for a cookout. His wife, Marianne (Julianne Nicholson), is disgusted by the gangsters’ presence at their home, and is also alarmed at the changes in her husband’s personality as his relationship with Whitey grows beyond an agent-informant relationship.

Problems rise later on as Whitey is suddenly cut out of an embezzlement scheme from World Jai Alai. He directs Martorano to murder the oncoming owner, Roger Wheeler, and their original embezzlement contact, John Callahan (Bill Camp). Whitey suspects that an associate who overhears the murder plan, Brian Halloran (Peter Sarsgaard), will not keep it a secret, so he pays him off to leave the meeting. Halloran later hears about Wheeler’s murder. Fearing for his life, Halloran goes to the FBI to report Whitey’s involvement in the crime. Connolly and Morris dismiss Halloran’s accusations against Bulger due to his cocaine addiction and refusal to take a polygraph. Connolly, fearing Whitey is in too deep, tells Whitey of Halloran’s accusation. Whitey then hunts down and murders Halloran and an unnamed friend of his in broad daylight soon after.

Whitey’s informant relationship deteriorates due to his increasingly violent behavior – threatening Morris and Marianne, as well as murdering Flemmi’s prostitute stepdaughter, Deborah Hussey (Juno Temple). Ultimately, the downfall begins when a “bulldog” prosecutor, Fred Wyshak (Corey Stoll), becomes an assistant U. S. Attorney in Boston. Connolly attempts to make friends with Wyshak, who coldly refuses and also scolds Connolly for his idiotic relationship with Whitey. He demands that the FBI take down Whitey. When John McIntyre (Brad Carter), an informant within the Winter Hill Gang itself, blows the whistle on Whitey’s attempt to smuggle weapons for the Provisional Irish Republican Army, he is brutally beaten and garroted by Whitey–due again to Connolly’s inside information. Wyshak and McGuire investigate Connolly’s control over Whitey’s informant activity. They discover that most of what Connolly presented as Whitey’s tips were actually repeats of earlier tips from low-level informants. Morris reveals the true nature of Connolly and Whitey’s relationship to The Boston Globe.

Whitey is forced to acknowledge the end when The Globe publishes a front-page article about his informant activities, which causes him to lose the gang’s trust. In the final scenes, Connolly, Flemmi, Weeks, and Martorano are arrested. Whitey goes on the run, but not before giving Billy a final goodbye from a pay phone. Morris turns state’s evidence and testifies against Connolly in return for immunity for his role in their crimes. After Connolly’s and the other characters’ sentences are shown, a final scene reveals a now-elderly Whitey being finally caught by the FBI in 2011, 16 years after the initial crackdown.

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FILM DETAILS Added 4 years ago
Black Mass (2015)

Synopsis Black Mass (2015) : In 1975, James “Whitey” Bulger (Johnny Depp), leader of the Irish-American Winter Hill Gang, controls almost all of organized crime within South Boston, along with his right-hand man Stephen Flemmi (Rory Cochrane), newcomer Kevin Weeks (Jesse Plemons), and cold and calculative hitman, Johnny Martorano (W. Earl Brown). Bulger’s hold over […]

Genre: 2015, Biography, Crime, Drama, Hollywood

IMDB rating: 7.3

Director: Scott Cooper

Writers: Mark Mallouk (screenplay), Jez Butterworth (screenplay),

Stars: Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dakota Johnson

Etiketler: , ,